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rom1dep commented Jul 21, 2018

What version of ejabberd are you using?

ejabberd 18.06

What operating system (version) are you using?

Erlang/OTP 19 [erts-] [source] [64-bit] [smp:4:4] [async-threads:10] [hipe] [kernel-poll:true] on Fedora release 27 (Twenty Seven)

How did you install ejabberd (source, package, distribution)?

git@0a40ab93c85b2070111914a9ee752a127bf5411e (source)

What did not work

dnaf commented Oct 10, 2018

Finding my server with a fresh install of the client can be annoying and would be much less annoying if the user could type its name into a search bar to easily find it.

Rather than simply filtering the server list to only contain server names containing the given search string, it would be nice if it used a fuzzy matching algorithm and returned the most similar results. A very simple way to im

sudden6 commented Jul 13, 2018

The test should run at TravisCI and at least include:

  • startup without proxy
  • startup with invalid proxy
  • loading of unencrypted save file
  • loading of encrypted save file
  • try loading a broken save file
  • saving a save file

More tests and ideas welcome

enobufs commented Oct 10, 2019

Now, webrtc.NewICEGatherer() takes 17 arguments - lol
Every time we introduce a parameter for ice.Agent:

  • We break API (it is an exposed function!) every time!
  • Has to modify the function signature many places
  • Code is unreadable (hard to tell what we are passing to the method)

Let's use a struct for it.

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