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Arnau-Ninerola commented Aug 20, 2019

I have some unit tests on my python project. Whenever I run the tests on vs code and then I want to see the output, the text is squeezed together on the command palette. If I switch to another theme it works properly.
This bug also happens when I configure my tests to choose what test framework I want to work with.

I included attached screenshots to better understand the problem.

mariorodeghiero commented Oct 8, 2018

Improve colors for CSS, SCSS, LESS.

1 - The colors are changed in the file **"vue-theme-color-theme.json" **.
2 - In vscode editor, press "CMD+shift+p" and select "Developer: inspect TM scopes" to analyze the scope to change.
3 - After to change, run command "vsce packeg".
4 - Install the file vue-themev-x.x.x.vix to test.
5 - If ok, send me a PR.

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