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mtrunkat commented Sep 17, 2019

Main examples at Apify SDK webpage, Github repo and CLI templates should demonstrate how to manipulate with DOM and retrieve data from it.

Also add one example of scraping with Apify SDK + jQuery to

Feedback from:

I lost an hour trying to make

zisismaras commented May 28, 2019

There is already builtin support for saving to SQL, JSON, CSV and printing to the console.
We should also have a webhook script that delivers the results to a specified url in the config.

More info about the existing scripts can be found here:

A good starting point is the printToConsole script:

enhancement good first issue

CS 582 Information Retrieval at University of Illinois at Chicago. Multithreaded crawling of UIC domain, inverted index, page rank, SEO with Context Pseudo-Relevance Feedback

  • Updated Dec 15, 2018
  • Python

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