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Daeraxa commented Sep 19, 2021



Joplin 2.3.4
Database v39
Android 11


Joplin 2.3.5 (prod, win32)
Client ID: a4ed20b9be424a1c8c3e5f3cc355c345
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 39
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 819af3c
Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new note and start typing title manually
  2. Press 'return' and continue typing - repeat
aleprovencio commented Feb 19, 2018

Hello, lately I can't successfully vdirsyncer sync my calendars because of a
database is locked error. Synchronization works fine with android's davdroid which talks with the same server.

Your vdirsyncer version: 0.16.4
If applicable, which server software (and which version) you're using: Nextcloud 13
Your Python version: 3.6.4
Your operating system: Arch linux
Relevant debug outpu

漂亮的Go语言通用后台管理系统,包含:计划任务 / MySQL管理 / Redis管理 / FTP管理 / SSH管理 / 服务器管理 / Caddy配置 / DDNS / FRP可视化配置 / 云存储管理 等功能。可运行于 Windows / Linux / MacOS 等主流系统平台和 树莓派 / 路由器 等ARM设备

  • Updated Jan 27, 2022
  • Go
chclaus commented Apr 24, 2018

The used logging implementation is logrus. logrus allows a lot of different log formatters (including third party libs).

I think we should support at least the two default log formats:

  • text
  • json

To allow further log processing with tools like logstash, etc.

The feature should be placed in the config section without capabilities of config live

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