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laurent22 commented Sep 30, 2019

Custom CSS for a note can be specified using userstyle.css. However this CSS currently is disabled when printing. It should be enabled again so that users can customise the print if they want to.

To do so, the useCustomCss option should be remove and it should be assumed that it is always true (currently it's set to false when printing).

The followi

aleprovencio commented Feb 19, 2018

Hello, lately I can't successfully vdirsyncer sync my calendars because of a
database is locked error. Synchronization works fine with android's davdroid which talks with the same server.

Your vdirsyncer version: 0.16.4
If applicable, which server software (and which version) you're using: Nextcloud 13
Your Python version: 3.6.4
Your operating system: Arch linux
Relevant debug outpu

paulmillar commented Sep 15, 2019

In #5057, Adrien reported two problems: bad admin documentation in The Book, and confusing/wrong documentation in the defaults file.

This issue is created to track one of these issues: the out-of-date documentation at

To close this issue, the documentation should be updated to describe the new prefix property

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