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Universal standard for creating browser extensions.

Working through a W3C charter group, Mozilla has partnered with Microsoft and Opera to define a browser extension API that works across multiple browsers.

There is currently a preliminary specification that matches what Google has implemented in Chrome so that extensions written to the specification could potentially work on Chrome, Edge, Opera and Firefox.

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famfop commented Jul 27, 2019

Sorry for the title, I couldn't find a better name for it.

Short description + Steps to reproduce

When on a website like here on github, press the mouse (and keep it pressed), go over the TST sidebar, release the mouse, and go back to the website. The mouse still is detected as "mouse button pressed". This does not happen in the Bookmarks, History or Synced Tabs sidebars.

Expected res

Rob--W commented Nov 7, 2019

Firefox is currently working on the ability to allow users to remove sideloaded extensions:

This may affect the usability of the --pre-install flag. This feature is currently documented (in web-ext run --help) to be used for older versions of Firefox, but the underlying technique would also be needed to

ned-martin commented Nov 8, 2017

Firefox's "Remember logins and passwords for websites" option is cleared every time browser is started.

I understand the addon clears this checkbox, as the previous version did, however I use Firefox to store (some) passwords and I want to re-check it.

With the old version installing the add-on cleared the "Remember passwords" checkbox, and then re-checking it would leave it on. With this ve

SamHH commented Feb 9, 2020

Explicit return types are good, but it should also accept them when they're provided via a previous (for want of a better word) type. For example, the following is completely safe and explicit, but the linter flags it:

const startsWith = (x: string): Predicate<string> => (y) => y.startsWith(x);

Created by Browser Extension Community Group

Released May 7, 2015


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