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WaGi-Coding commented Dec 13, 2019

RainLoop version, browser, OS:
RainLoop 1.13.0 - Chrome, Windows 10

Expected behavior and actual behavior:
Expected: Themes change automatically when selecting
Actual: It does not change the theme until i clear the cache and reload the page.

Steps to reproduce the problem:
Pick another theme in settings

ghost commented Dec 7, 2018

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Sometimes there are mails be marked as spam, I will check it's header to find out the reason why it be marked. Some might not really a spam/fake mail.

Describe the solution you'd like
There is a field X-Spam-Report that provided some information about why the mail be marked as spam.
It would be nice if it can be describ

micw commented Jan 27, 2020

With 1.8 we will have a fully working kubernetes based deployment of mailu and a helm chart. Helm 3 is out, so the helm chart can fully replace the current static k8s examples (static k8s files can be created with helm3 at client side without special requirements to the kubernetes cluster and even without running kubernetes).

I'd like to modify the documentation:

  • replace existing kubernetes
ladar commented Jul 18, 2019

@gabrielmongefranco thank you for contacting me. In terms of contributing, we could certainly use your skills. Several things spring to mind.

We need to automate the process of building binary releases for the various popular distros (aka rpm/deb files), and writing a proper install/setup script. Our Jenkins server could handle the former, as it already does nightly build/test jobs on CentOS/De

jasonmunro commented Mar 27, 2019

🚀 Feature

It would be nice to automatically add a user's Github repositories when github connect is enabled.

Design, Layout, Architecture

It should be pretty easy to query the user's repositories and add them to the user settings on github connect. The Github API already has an endpoint to list them, so we just need to write some code to fetch the list, parse it, and add them to the us

Thireus commented Apr 23, 2017

The readme states that the following action needs to be performed in order to generate keys:

To generate keys for a new user the first time, just click Sign up on the login page and enter your IMAP credentials.

However, there is no such "Sign up" link on the login page. The only Sign up button is the one redirecting to Also directly accessing the "/signup" page doesn

nekromoff commented Mar 7, 2020

Feature Request

UX improvement: assume SMTP / IMAP servers to be same, if not requested otherwise


IMAP / SMTP servers are often simplified under one domain (URL) and service depends on an accessing port. Same goes for an user account + a password. Simplified settings are OK, but it takes too long to setup it up for multiple email accounts (I guess they need to test all ki

blokkie commented Jan 16, 2018

when creating a subdir in imap chrome browser does not show more then 40 mails.
In other browsers when you scroll to the bottom of the mails , an new list pops under it to extend the list. This is the case in opera and firefox. This behavior does not happen in chrome browser


  • create subdir in a imap-account
  • put more then 40 mails in that subdir
  • scroll to the bottom of

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