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A real-time execution platform for building intelligent applications.

Intelligent decisions in real time

Into is a cross-platform real-time data processing framework written in C++. It provides a different, super-fast way to build cutting-edge, high-performance applications for image analysis, machine vision, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence.

Wide selection of tools

Into features a layered API and more than 20 fully interoperable plug-in modules for accessing image and data sources, powerful feature extractors, classifiers, neural networks, and much more.

So much more than an API

Into is much more than a typical software library or API. It features an innovative execution engine, Ydin, that makes it easy to create dynamic programs that automatically run in parallel.

Create with speed and ease

Into lets you create complex, distributed applications with unprecedented ease and speed. Close intergration with Qt/QML and a JavaScript API makes creating applications with beautiful user interfaces a snap.

And yes, it's free

Into is free software, licensed under the Affero GPL v3. A special exception makes it compatible with the most common open source licenses. If you don't want to release your sources under an open license, it can be licensed royalty-free under commercial terms.