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object accessor utility that works like the `?.` operator from coffeescript
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small function that works like the ?. operator in coffeescript

i.e it tries to return the requested key chain from an object. If it fails, it returns undefined instead of throwing an error

various accessors are supported in the query string (see Use case)


jAccess( data: Object [, query: String] ) : mixed
  • data: Object - the query is run against this object

  • query: String (Optional) - chain of accessor keys defined by . or [ ]

Return value

if query is present, jAccess returns the requested value or undefined

if query is not present, jAccess returns an object whos only method is get

get = function (query) - runs a given query on the initial data object. Usefull for multiple queries on the same object

Use case

var largeObject;

var db = jAccess(largeObject);
var value = db.get('prop1.prop2["prop3"][prop4][0].prop5'); 

// alternatively
var value = jAccess(largeObject, 'prop1.prop2["prop3"][prop4][0].prop5');

// value is either undefined or the value of largeObject.prop1.prop2.prop3.prop4[0].prop5. 
// no expceptions are thrown
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