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The source materials for the EdX course "Topology in Condensed Matter: Tying Quantum Knots"

The latest stable version of the course is located at

Open these notebooks in Binder: Binder such that you can experiment with the code.

Development tip: shallow clone

Initially, this repository contained all the output of all computations, which means that its size is somewhat big (~300MB). In order to not download all the data, you can use the shallow cloning feature of git (at least v1.9) by using these or analogous commands:

mkdir topocm && cd topocm
git init
git remote add origin # (Or the location of your fork)
git fetch --depth 1 origin +refs/tags/cleaned # Here we get the first commit that doesn't contain cruft
git fetch origin
git checkout master

The cleaned tag corresponds to the beginning of development that stores no output. Then you get a repository that does not contain any cruft data, and has a size of ~15MB.

The notebooks in this repo are executed and converted to html and available on For building the website we use the pelican static site generator, available under AGPL license.