Explore how networks change over time
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Topogram is a web-based app to visualize the evolution of networks over time and space.

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For more information, please read the docs


  • time-based navigation in graph
  • network layouts + geographic data
  • online/real-time data update via API

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Download & Install

You need Meteor JS to install Topogram.

git clone https://github.com/topogram/topogram-client.git
cd topogram-client
meteor npm install

Test & Code quality

There is 2 sorts of tests here :

  1. functional tests for the components in /tests
  2. integration tests for the Meteor app located in specs.

You can launch all tests using gulp test or npm test

You can also run the app in test mode to check integration as you develop

npm test:meteor

Check for ESlint compliance

npm run lint

Deploy with Docker

You can use Docker to run in production.

  1. build the Docker topogram/topogram container with ./build.sh
  2. fetch a mongo Docker container for the DB and run the app with docker-compose up

Build the docs

All the docs will be built in the .docs/ folder.

gulp doc

Publishing instructions

This project is set up to automatically publish to npm. To publish:

  1. Set the version number environment variable: export VERSION=1.2.3
  2. Publish: gulp publish


Topogram supports internationalization. Please read our i18n guidelines and feel free to add your own language by translating a file in ./i18n folder!