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Welcome to the Extlet wiki!

Please keep in mind that the Extlet is for you – developers. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help! (tomas*polesovsky-at-ibacz*eu)

I’d like to thank my friends for their help with the project (in alphabetical order):

  • Jaromír Hamala
  • Lukáš Matějka
  • Aleš Rybák
  • Ondřej Životský


  • Support for Liferay 6 – please see new project extlet6
  • 22.03.11 – Version 1.4 released (file conflict checking, support for Oracle WebLogic AS)
  • 02.12.10 – Migration into Ext Plugin – see LPS-9442
  • 01.12.10 – Conflict checking – build extlet-setup from sources please
  • 15.10.10 – Support for Oracle WebLogic AS (without reload)
  • 08.10.10 – Ant environment with Service Builder support (download extlet-ant-sdk.zip and look into Basic Project - Ant)
  • 07.10.10 – Added Extlet Hook – Extlet environment can be now installed into Liferay using this hook (just download extlet-hook.war and put into deploy directory) – thanks to Petr Vlček

Quick Overview

  • It is development (maven) and runtime environment for Liferay 5.2.3 running on the Tomcat
  • Extlet replaces the EXT environment
  • Use it the way you wish, it is free (under MIT)
  • It is supported by the IBA CZ, Extlet whitepaper



  • Implement support for the rest of the configuration files (see Extlet Configuration Files)
  • Enrich the Liferay using extension points for developers to easily change Liferay core behaviour
  • Support for the Liferay 6
  • Support for the Glassfish (and other app. servers?)
  • Migrate the Extlet into the Liferay Ext Plugin – LPS-9442