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Paraview + TTK Docker Image

This docker image contains an installation of the Topology Tool Kit (TTK) and ParaView server built from source. Specifically:

  • ParaView server with offscreen rendering using either OSMesa or OSPRay.
  • TTK for ParaView plugins are installed.

It is supposed to be used in conjunction with a local ParaView GUI.

Simple usage

To run Kitware's binary distribution of ParaView with TTK's docker, simply run:

./ <Path to ParaView binary (version 5.6.1)> [<Standard ParaView arguments (state files, data, etc.)>]

To run a python script which uses TTK, simply run:

./ [<Standard pvpython arguments: Python script, data, etc. ABSOLUTE PATHS ONLY)>]

Advanced usage

docker run -it --rm -p 11111:11111 -v "$HOME:/home/`whoami`/" --user $UID topologytoolkit/ttk:5.6.1-master

will start pvserver version 5.6.1 with TTK (current master version) and listen on the default port 11111 for connections from a ParaView GUI. The directory $(pwd)/data will be mounted under /home/paraview/data in the container.

If the container is executed on a remote host, consider using the command

ssh -L 11111:localhost:11111 user@host docker run ...

which will set up the appropriate port forwarding as well. The GUI should then be able to connect to localhost:11111.


  • The versions of the ParaView GUI and pvserver have to match exactly.
  • pvserver will currently exit after the GUI has disconnected, i.e. the container must be restarted.

Custom Images

To re-build the image, simply clone this repository and run docker build. (This will use an existing docker image of ParaView and build TTK into it.)

The Dockerfile supports building a specific TTK version using the ttk build argument. This can be set to the designation of any branch or tag from TTK's GitHub repository, e.g. "master" or "v0.9.7".

For example,

docker build -t paraview-ttk:5.6.1-master --build-arg ttk=master .

will build an image for TTK's master branch on top of the latest ParaView release.

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