Use actual requested size for Picasa #37

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toppa commented Jan 2, 2013

Picasa will now provide images in any size, so there is no need to rely on browser scaling anymore. See here:


Do you want me to make this happen? I may have the time.

toppa commented Jan 2, 2013

Sure! This one shouldn't be too complicated. The relevant parts of the code are:

  • Public/ShashinPhotoDisplayerPicasa.php - that's where it lists the sizes that Picasa used to require. I don't know if they still have required sizes for the cropped photos.
  • Public/ShashinAlbumDisplayerPicasa.php - same as above, for album thumbnails.
  • Public/ShashinDataObjectDisplayer.php - setActualThumbnailSize() compares the requested size to the available sizes. For Picasa it can just be the requested size (please override this method in the Picasa subclasses...). I don't know if Picasa lets you do the same with the cropped photos as well.


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