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Craft Calendars adds full-featured Calendar and Event management to your Craft-powered website.


  • Any Element can be placed onto a calendar and made into an event. (Why you'd want your Assets to be events is beyond me, but who am I to stop you?)

  • Events can repeat Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or on Selected Dates — either with a "repeat until" limit, or recurring forever.

  • You can manage events on multiple calendars.

  • Use the the tag in your templates to retrieve events and dates, sorted and filtered by calendar, date range, element type, section, etc.

  • Use the craft.calendars.month template variable to access a monthly calendar grid — either as a simple utility, or with all your event data attached.

  • Use the craft.calendars.calendars template variable to access a list of all your calendars.


Buy Calendars

Craft Calendars is available from Top Shelf Craft:

Top Shelf Craft $77