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1.X Roadmap

  • Cleaning up validation logic and alerts for Schedule Rules
  • (DONE) A proper model for storing Recurrence Rules
  • (DONE) Clean up the month variable code
  • (DONE) Implement event sorting
  • A spiffy calendar overview UI for the Control Panel
  • Query optimization based on startDate, endDate, and firstOccurrence, and finalOccurrence
  • (DONE) Localization / multi-language support
  • Translations (English, German)
  • Better test coverage
  • (DONE) Release

1.4 Roadmap

  • Upcoming Events dashboard widget
  • iCal (Outlook / Google Calendars) exporting
  • Translations (Spanish, Dutch)

1.5 Roadmap

  • Craft Commerce integration / purchasable events
  • iCal (Outlook / Google Calendars) importing
  • Translations (French, Polish)

2.0 Roadmap

  • Calendars and Events as Elements
  • Refactor recurrence algorithms (again) for better performance (and great victory!)
  • Craft 3 compatibility
  • Release in P&T Plugin Store