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Printmaker is a template-based PDF toolkit. You can use Printmaker to easily create, concatenate, and output PDF files from your Craft CMS templates.

For example, you can output a PDF from any template in just one line of code, like this:

{{ craft.printmaker.pdfFromTemplate('docs/_pdf').output }}


  • Five output modes:

  • output direction to the browser

  • download the file

  • cache the file and output its URL

  • email the file as an attachment

  • Handles most CSS 2.1 (and a few CSS3) properties, including floats, @import, @media & @page rules

  • Supports most presentational HTML 4.0 attributes

  • Supports external stylesheets, either local or through http/ftp (via fopen-wrappers)

  • Supports complex tables, including row & column spans, separate & collapsed border models, individual cell styling image support (GIF, PNG, BMP & JPEG)


DOMPDF Limitations & Known Issues

Printmaker uses the DOMPDF library to generate PDF files. This library carries some known limitations, which you should be aware of before beginning your project:

  • The parser is not particularly tolerant to poorly-formed HTML input. (Using Tidy first may help.)
  • Large files or large tables can take a while to render.
  • While CSS floats are supported, complex floats may run into layout glitches every once in a blue moon.

Buy Printmaker

Printmaker is available from these popular Craft plugin marketplaces:


Straight Up Craft$49