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  • Fixed manual sorting query bug
  • Fixed inventory count for "other_media" offer types


  • Added manual sorting show/hide toggling
  • Video offers now bypasses sold out check


  • Added an inventory metabox to Products post type
  • Inventory bug fixes
  • Several php warning fixes
  • Purchase Flow lightbox bug fix


  • Updated the admin to display non-editable fields for cached metadata.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.


  • Bug fix: purge old unattached thumbnail files


  • Fixed Artists and Offers not updating thumbnail meta data.
  • Allowed tickets stock to bypass the sold-out check.
  • Several PHP warning fixes.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Updated PHP docblocks.
  • Fixed ts_the_embed_code() and ts_get_the_embed_code().
  • Fixed Group Panel features bug.
  • Several bug fixes.


  • Added the ability to change the default grid thumb size (for narrow or wider templates)


  • Added the ability to group panels
  • Added the ability to disable the WP admin bar shortcut
  • Fixed some PHP warnings


  • Legacy store bug fixes
  • Fixed some PHP warnings


  • Complete rewrite from the ground-up for performance increases and better Wordpress integration
  • Sync multiple artists
  • Stores, and Offers are now pulled in as WordPress custom post types
  • Products are now pulled into Wordpress
  • Inventory for products is now displayed in the CMS
  • New item tags (site level)
  • On Sale item tags (store level)
  • API prefetching (advanced settings)
  • Photos are now cached into the WordPress Media Library
  • Spin Tags are pulled in as a custom taxonomy made available for the new Offers custom post type
  • Wordpress Multi Site support
  • Improved WP-Cron integration
  • Ability to resync an individual offer (via Edit Offer)
  • Individual offer page templates
  • A wide array of various bug fixes

  • Fixed lightbox handler with auto-filled anchor tags - @ezmiller

  • Fixed JS handler to work with auto-filled anchor tags - @ezmiller
  • Fixed Topspin_Store::getItem() multiple tag bug - @jackdaw4

  • Cleaned and updated several upgrade scripts
  • Fixed several SQL import warnings


  • Fixed caching issue where only the first 25 returned artists are cached
  • Updated artist dropdown selector to be ordered by name
  • Fixed Simplified item listing template to display streaming and embedded widgets
  • Added new nav menu shortcode/settings panel

  • Fixed WP-Cron issue

  • Fixed plugins rerun upgrades script.


  • Fixed/updated several initial SQL files.
  • Updated Fix Upgrade function to rerun all initial SQL before re-running all upgrade scripts.


  • Fixed plugin upgrade bug.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.
  • Fixed format string for product_get_most_popular_list().


  • Fixed some PHP warnings.
  • Added caching from the Orders API.
  • Added internal names for each Store for administrative purposes.
  • Added new sections in the WordPress Admin: View Most Popular, and View Orders.
  • Updated colorbox to the latest version and resolves how it is loaded. @blauwers
  • Updated View Stores to now display store pages in a nested list, the full permalink, and the new internal name.
  • Updated the items caching method store the campaign ID.
  • Updated FAQ.
  • Added new topspin template tags/functions: topspin_get_store_items(), and topspin_get_most_popular_items().
  • Moved JS to footer for faster page load performance. @blauwers


  • Fixed the Product Sorting and Sort By bug to now work with the Preview.
  • Fixed some PHP warnings.


  • Added the ability to set parent pages and template files for each store.


  • Updated [topspin_featured_item] shortcode bug (returning empty item if no featured item is set).
  • Updated the installation script to add unique key for the currency table.
  • Updated the default standard/simplified featured item template css to work with fluid layouts.
  • Fixed the colorbox issue where it loads on all URL hashes.


  • Added the ability to add multiple featured items per Store Page
  • Added notice that switching Artist ID in the settings will clear the content on all current stores
  • Added a new Items section to show all of the available offers in the cache database
  • Added a new Individual Items shortcode to allow individual items to be embedded anywhere on the site using the Feature Item template
  • Fixed and updated various Tag-related output, cache, and sorting bugs
  • Added output of a Store Preview on the Add and Edit Store pages based on offer types, tags, and sorting method selected (previously a preview was only shown if Manual sorting was selected)
  • Added a template function topspin_get_item_photos() to output all of an item's images instead of just the poster image
  • Added a template function topspin_get_items() to output all of an item's data to an array
  • Added the output of all additional images in the More Info lightbox for each default theme
  • Added the ability to click a Featured Item to get More Info and see all the additional images
  • Added Google-indexable hash-based permalinks for each item to allow the page to be opened directly to that item's More Info lightbox when shared
  • Adjusted the size of the More Info Lightbox images to be larger (400px wide/tall instead of 280px wide/tall)
  • Adjusted the default layout of the More Info Lightbox for better UI and to include the new additional image thumbnails
  • Added the ability of the large image inside the More Info Lightbox to be clicked for a larger view inside the Lightbox
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes, php warning fixes, and typo corrections

  • Changed the default image of each item to retrieve the large version instead of the medium
  • Updated the standard template css item list to clear on the last item

  • Removed <?= php shortcode for those php installations where shortcodes are turned off (via blauwers)
  • Created a fallback method for when the curl imodule is not installed (via blauwers)


  • Updated default simplified and standard template's default css
  • Fixed duplicated item bug on manual sorting mode


  • Fixed the PHP fatal error calling an undefined method: Topspin_Store::setError() when adding/editing a store
  • Updated the version parsing string in the plugin upgrade functions (bug for PHP versions lower than 5.2)
  • Added the ability to force re-run of all upgrade scripts (for users who are experiencing problems when upgrading their plugins)


  • Fixed the plugin upgrading check function
  • Added caching for the poster_image_source from the API to the database (new field in the items table)
  • Updated the default item images to pull the size according to the poster_image_source (updated template files)


  • Added automatic selection of the Artist ID based on the API User and API Key
  • Added ability for users with multiple Artist IDs related to their API User / Key combo to select which artist to use
  • Added Simplified Template option for table-based template structure (ideal for out-of-the-box usage with little or no customization requirements)
  • Added Topspin's additional images sizes to the local cache instead of just using the full-size image for everything. Should give a significant increase in performance and decrease in load-times for users with large original images and/or lots of products.
  • Updated template structure to include sub-directories and the ability to have and select from a set group of multiple templates
  • Updated documentation with regards to new template structure and customization
  • Updated CSS and Template files to avoid being overwritten by a theme's style.css file
  • Fixed additional foreach() errors on lines 720 and 731 of Topspin_Store.php
  • Fixed upgrading schema to make sure all necessary upgrades run regardless of which version you are upgrading to/from
  • Fixed issue where the permalinks weren't working correctly if Wordpress's Home and Site URLs were different

  • Updated template's default css
  • Updated "API Username" field name to "API User" and moved before "API Key"


  • Fixed additional foreach() warnings in Topspin_Store.php
  • Fixed documentation reference to v2 header image title
  • Fixed documentation typos / formatting errors
  • Replaced Rebuild function with a safer INSERT INTO MySQL operation in case of rebuild error which may have been causing database tables to be truncated and not rebuilt in rare cases.


  • Fixed upgrading issue


  • Added documentation for upgrading from v2.0 (Thanks to John Jacobus / TRICIL)
  • Added FAQ and cleaned up documentation
  • Added v2 functions necessary for the v2 Theme to work (Thanks to John Jacobus / TRICIL)
  • Added error/success messages on Settings page
  • Fixed version tagging
  • Fixed plugin name and author info
  • Fixed foreach() PHP Warning in Topspin_Store.php (Thanks to iamanadultnow)
  • Fixed ability for custom CSS and template files to be used in Child Themes
  • Fixed wp-cron issue related to expiration of Topspin CDN for Offer images
  • Simplified Cache Rebuild on Settings page


  • Added default CSS styling for the Topspin Cart
  • Added screenshots
  • Cleaned-up documentation


  • Completely rewritten from the ground-up (based on the v3.0beta plugin originally started by New Black)


  • Second version (by StageBloc)


  • First version