Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm using the v2.0 Plugin. Can I just delete it and install this new version?

Yes and no. Please check out the Installation section and refer to the detailed Upgrade Instructions to avoid the potential problems upgrading from v2.0 to this version of the plugin.

I'm not using the v2.0 Plugin. Do I need to be aware of any potential issues installing this version?

No! If you're not using v2.0, the Installation process is pretty painless and you can have a store up and running in as little as 5min.

I've installed the plugin, but none of my Offers are showing up. Help!

First make sure your API User and API Key are correct. If they are, make sure the offers you wish to display on your site all have the Offers API checkbox marked in the Topspin App. If your info is correct and the Offers API checkboxes are marked but it's still not working, please contact Topspin for support with your Topspin Account:

Where do I get help with Topspin?

Lot's of resources are available. This is a good place to start:

I found a bug! Where can I report it?


I want to add functionality to the plugin. Is that OK?

More than OK! This plugin is completely open-source and to top it off, Topspin pays $150 for each new commit to the plugin! So head on over to the GitHub repository, grab a fork, and get coding!

I upgraded from a pre-v3.2 version of the plugin so that I can use multiple images and permalinks, but neither are working. What do I need to do to enable them?

These features require use of some new elements introduced in the v3.2 templates. If you are using the default templates located in the Plugins directory (meaning you haven't copied the templates to your theme folder and customized them), these updates will automatically be usable. However, if you ARE using customized templates located in your Theme folder, you'll need to either manually update the theme with the new code or copy over the new default theme and re-style it as needed.

Is it possible to use the plugin with a Topspin child account?

Unfortunately it's not. This is due to a limitation in the Topspin API regarding information being passed via the API for child accounts. If you enter your API information into the plugin and none of your products show up, and if your account details were setup or given to you by someone else, there's a good chance you're on a child account. If this happens, check with your Topspin account administrator and see if you are indeed using a child account. If you are, you'll need to get the parent account API details in order for the plugin to work.