Managing Stores

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Adding Store Pages

Once installed, use the Stores > Add Store menu to add a new Store Page. Select from the available options, sort as desired, save the page, and your new Store Page will be automatically generated.

Store Settings

Field Name Description
Store Name Output name/title of the store
Artist The artist for the store
Items Per Page used to create a paginated Store Page, display as many Offers as you want per page
Show All Items Check this box to show all items in 1 page (ignores Items Per Page)
Item Description Length Character length for item descriptions in the grid view
Sale Tag Specify a Spin Tag to be designated as a Sale tag
Grid Columns Specify the number of columns to display in the grid template
Sorting Specify if Offers should be sorted Alphabetically or Chronologically
Sort By Specify if Offers should be sorted by Offer Type, Tags, or Manually

Featured Items

You can select optional featured items to display at the top of the store page just before the grid is shown.

Preview / Manual Sorting

This is a live preview of the grid/order of the current settings. If the Sort By is set to Manual, you can show/hide and manually reorder each Offers with the drag-and-drop interface.

Managing Existing Stores

You can edit and view existing Store Pages by using the Stores > All Stores menu. This page also lists the shortcodes for each store and each store's featured content.

Managing Existing Offers

You can view the offers that are loaded up into the cached database by using the Offers > All Offers menu. This page lists all of the items that are loaded into the database using the Topspin API, along with the new individual item shortcodes. If you don't see an item listed here, you can either use the Cache Sync tools on the Topspin > Cache menu, or if that doesn't work, check your offer in the Topspin system - chances are it doesn't have the Offers API check-box checked or need to be re-published.