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This plugin is in open development. Over the weeks and months we hope to roll out regular updates with new features and optimizations, starting with:

  • Updated, Responsive, "Pretty" Front-End Templates
  • Increased Inventory Management Functionality - notifications, color coding, etc
  • Refined Inventory UI/UX
  • Additional Code clean-up / debugging
  • Automatic cropping and scaling of thumbnails
  • Sidebar widget
  • Further customizable page layouts for more dynamic and varied offer page creation without editing Theme or template files
  • Addition of Redeem Code Offer Type
  • AJAX-based pagination
  • Option to show the Topspin cart at all times, even when empty
  • Option to display the Topspin cart on the left or right
  • New Shortcodes - Most Popular Products, Custom Content Blocks
  • Addition of optional Featured Items fading/sliding marquee
  • Admin Localization
  • Optimized output for non-Buy Button Offers
  • Plugin Site for further documentation, discussion, feature requests, etc