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Template Customization

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All markup output by this plugin is XHTML-compliant and heavily classed to allow for easily styling with CSS. The plugin comes with two different "templates" called Standard and Simplified.

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin is meant to be customized! It will work "out of the box" with just about any theme, but it may not match your site or be as "pretty" as you'd like. Additionally, if your theme uses featured images in the header of posts, you may have to make adjustments to ensure the display of the products is to your liking.

The Simplified Template is designed to give the best out-of-the box store layout if you prefer to do little or no customization. It uses HTML Tables to construct the Store Grid and therefore is less flexible for developers who wish to heavily customize the store's output.

The Standard Template is designed as a skeleton framework with the Developer in mind, allowing for the most flexibility for template customizations. It uses floating HTML Divs to construct the Store Grid rather than Tables, making it easier to manipulate.

You select which template you wish to use on the Topspin > Settings page.

Custom Templates

If you would like to use your own custom templates, you can copy the template folders in the plugin's directory into a new folder called "topspin" in your current theme's directory. See below for example:

To customize the standard template, copy: <plugin_directory>/templates/standard/ to <theme_directory>/topspin/standard/

To customize the simplified template, copy: <plugin_directory>/templates/simplified/ to <theme_directory>/topspin/simplified/

Custom CSS Stylesheets

You can override the default template's stylesheet by creating a style.css file in your custom template directory. This new style.css will completely override the plugin's stylesheet for that template. To retain some the plugin's styles, just copy the plugin's style.css and modify any attribute to fit your needs.

Additional Customization Details

It is very important that you copy the Template files to your site's active theme directory. If you edit them in the Plugin's /templates/ directory, any changes you make will be overwritten when you upgrade the plugin!

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