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Upgrading from v3.0 or later

These upgrade instructions are specifically for users of the new plugin from v3.0 or newer, NOT users who are still on the old v2 Plugin. If you are using the v2 Plugin currently, please see the v2 Upgrade Instructions below.

  1. Backup your site and database (in case something goes wrong!).
  2. Automatically upgrade from within Wordpress OR download the new plugin and overwrite the official-topspin-wordpress-plugin folder in your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Check your pages to make sure they all look right
  4. You're done!

PLEASE NOTE: The plugin now uses the built-in Wordpress Custom Post Type system. This allows for more flexibility, better SEO, better deep linking, better caching, etc but it may change the relationships your site has with the store pages and products. Be sure to make a backup and if possible, test on a dev environment first!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: This plugin is meant to be customized! It will work "out of the box" with just about any theme, but it may not match your site or be as "pretty" as you'd like. Additionally, if your theme uses featured images in the header of posts, you may have to make adjustments to ensure the display of the products is to your liking.

Upgrading from an v2.0 or earlier

This plugin is a complete re-write. Upgrading form a previous version will not save your existing Store settings and will disable some of the Theme settings used in the old plugin. This is because this new version is designed to work with any Theme and Wordpress setup like any standard plugin instead of taking over parts of the core WordPress functionality.

In order to upgrade from a previous version you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Backup your site and database (in case something goes wrong!).
  2. Make sure the Theme you are using is located in your site's Theme directory, NOT in the old plugin's directory.
  3. Deactivate the existing Topspin v2.0 Plugin.
  4. Delete the existing Topspin v2.0 Plugin.
  5. Delete your existing Store Page.
  6. Empty your Trash.
  7. Install the new v3 Plugin as described above.
  8. Configure your new Store Page(s) using the new plugin.

Once installed, the easiest way to upgrade to future versions is to use the automatic upgrade feature built into WordPress. You will be automatically notified of any updates to the plugin and given the option to install them with a single click.