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MiniME - CSS

In additional to minifying JavaScript, MiniME can also compress CSS files. Usage is pretty much automatic - pass it a file with a .css file extension and MiniME will switch into CSS compression mode.

A couple of notes:

  • You can't compress CSS and minify JavaScript in the one invocation of MiniME - it's one or the other.

  • You can force CSS mode with the -css command line switch, or the MinifyKind property on the .NET class.

  • Preserved comments work in CSS minification mode with a leading exclamation point eg:

      /*! Keep this comment */
  • MiniME can combine multiple CSS files into one - just pass multiple input files on the command line.

  • The default output file name is the same as the first input file with the extension changed to .min.css

  • The -linelen:N command line option can be used to insert line breaks.

  • File time checking, output file options and most other non-JavaScript specific command line options still apply - others will be silently ignored.


MiniME's CSS compression algorithm is based exactly on the Isaac Schlueter's CSSMIN. Thanks Isaac.