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In addition to the command line tool, MiniME can also be invoked programmatically through a programming interface (API) from any .NET client program. This can be used to dynamically obfuscate JavaScript files directly on an ASP.NET server.

  1. Before using MiniME programmatically, you must add a reference to it from your .NET project.
    Depending on your development environment this might be done in any of a number of different ways - please consult the documentation for your development tool.

  2. Create an instance of the MiniMI Compiler object. eg:

    // Create an instance of the MiniME minifier
    var mm = new MiniME.Compiler();
  3. Set MiniME options. eg:

    // Setup options
    mm.MaxLineLength = 0;
  4. Add files to process:

    // Add files
    mm.AddFile("MyJavaScriptFile.js", Encoding.UTF8)

    or, add script directly

    mm.AddScript("snippet", "<javascript code here>");
  5. Compile the script

    // Compile and write to an output file

    or, compile to a string

    var ObfuscatedScript=mm.CompileToString();
  6. That's it!

See also Command Line and MiniME In-script Directives.