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  • SQL Indentation


  • Qt version 5.11, Query model fixes, Gitub bug fixed #93, Rollback/Commit button fixes


  • Fix explain plan for


  • Fix display preferences
  • Fix Scroll top explain plan when fetched


  • Query graph fixes

TOra 3.0.59 (May 8 2016)

  • Clipboard fixes
  • Explain fixes
  • MySQL fixes

TOra 3.0 (Apr 3 2016)

Greatly improved stability, memory usage and performance

TOra 2.1.3

This release brings some new features:

  • Terradata support
  • AWR performance report tool
  • xml formatting for memo editor/display
  • Improved support for displaying routines in MySQL. From now on it will display full routine creation script including arguments, return type etc.
  • Close buttons in tabs implemented
  • Connection dialogue: test connection button
  • F4 describe under cursor in PL/SQL editor
  • RFE #2949032 tab with directories into the schema browser
  • RFE #2916092 - column "percentage free" in the storage manager

A lot of bugs have been fixed as well.

--- 2010-09-19

TOra 2.1.2

This new release brings some new features and updated stability into your database related work.

  • Improved: Add editor option for upper/lowercase object names
  • Improved: Db extract/compare tool now remembers widgets states
  • New: Filesystem completer for target line edit
  • Improved: Compatibility with sql+
  • New: Colour/pixmap identifier for connection
  • Improved: Schema browser improvements
  • New: Ability to add external static check
  • New: Save package specification and body to one file
  • New: Initial support for creating/modifying tables
  • Bugfixes --- 2010-03-30

TOra 2.1.1

A bugfix release for 2.1. TOra contains the same functionality as in 2.1, so there is no need to upgrade for users of binary packages.

  • Fixes of source code tarball.
  • Fixes in build scripts --- //[[petr@scribus.info|Petr Vanek]] 2009/10/16 23:48//

TOra 2.1

This new release brings more new features and updated stability into your database related work.

  • Improved Describe Object tool.
  • Improved SQL Editor.
  • New "DockBars" for connections and filesystem browsing.
  • DB Browser tool is rewritten.
  • Improved Code Browser.
  • Improved support for PostgreSQL and MySQL.
  • Read statement plan from V$SQL_PLAN when available. And switch on/off explain plan from v$plan_table.
  • Native Mac OS X bundle (still experimantal or in "beta" state).
  • Copy-Paste and Export features in the Data Grids.
  • Internal libraries updated.
  • and many more various bugfixes.

TOra 2.0

After over a year of work since we first started migrating to Qt4, we are proud to release version 2.0. There have been many improvements:

  • Greatly improved stability, memory usage and performance
  • 11g support
  • Instantclient support
  • A new unit testing tool
  • A new PL/SQL Editor
  • Updated Postgres schema browser support, added new statistics and session management tools
  • First release with Qt OpenSource for Windows

If you haven't used TOra in a while, we think you'll be pleased with this update.

Your feedback is always welcomed.

--- //[[petr@scribus.info|Petr Vanek]] 2008/11/05 14:14//

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