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Flash Analytics Tool

The Flash Analytics Tool is a means to provide the estimated flash memory lifespan of Toradex modules, based on customer usage of the flash. It is suitable for flash usage profiling during development and for predictive hardware replacement during the lifespan of the CoM.

Getting Started

Please see Getting Started readme:


The Flash Analytics Tool project comprises a set of modules and tools:

Flash Analytics Tool Core

An application that monitors the writes to the flash and the eMMC health status. It can monitor overall system writes as well as single application writes.

Flash Analytics Tool Remote UI

A remote user interface that provides both concise and comprehensive information about eMMC health and write statistics.

Flash Analytics Tool HTTP API

API consumed by the remote UI, can be used standalone. Refer to the docs/ documentation for more information.

Flash Write Emulator

An application that writes to the flash, RAM and a TTY device for debugging purposes.