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What is Sejda SDK ?

Sejda SDK is an open source task oriented PDF editor and SDK library. It can merge, split, compress, crop, rotate, watermark PDF documents. See complete list of tasks.

What are the system requirements?

Sejda SDK is written in Java and requires a Java Runtime Environment 1.8. It is multiplaform and can be used on Windows, Linux and Mac (or any platform where a JRE 1.8 is available)

How do I use Sejda SDK?

Sejda console

sejda-console is a command line tool that can be used directly from the terminal or from your own code.

A basic usage example:

$> bin/sejda-console merge -f a.pdf b.pdf -o merged.pdf


sejda-sdk-api is a Java library and can be used as a dependency in any Java project.

Is Sejda SDK free?

The open source version of Sejda SDK (sejda-console and sejda-sdk-api) can be used for free in projects complying with the AGPLv3 open source license. It is suitable for developers who share their application source code with the open source community as free software under an AGPLv3 compatible license.

Sejda SDK PRO commercial license allows you to use Sejda (sejda-console-pro and sejda-sdk-api) in closed source, proprietary environment and are suitable for those who do not wish to share their application source code under an AGPLv3 compatible license.

What is sejda-console?

It is an open source AGPLv3 tool built on top of sejda-sdk-api and allowing the execution of some PDF manipulation tasks from a command line interface.

What is sejda-console-pro?

It is a command line tool available with Sejda SDK Pro that extends the sejda-console with the following tasks:

  • compress
  • crop
  • split by text
  • split down the middle
  • extract text
  • nup
  • repair
  • convert to grayscale

What is a task in Sejda SDK domain?

A Sejda SDK task is one of the available PDF documents manipulations: merge, split by bookmarks, split by pages, crop, etc are tasks. See the complete list.

Does Sejda SDK implement the PDF specification?

Sejda SDK uses SAMBox for low level PDF document processing. SAMBox is a PDFBox fork that we modified and maintain, as PDF engine for most of the tasks.

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