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The goal is to detect build issues of and conflicts between Gentoo Linux packages.


create a new image

cd ~/img1;

The current stage3 file is downloaded, verified and unpacked, profile, keyword and USE flag are set. Mandatory portage config files will be compiled. Few required packages (ssmtp, pybugz etc.) will be installed. A backlog is filled up with all available package in a randomized order (/tmp/backlog). A symlink is made into ~/run and the image is started.

start an image <image>

The file /tmp/LOCK is created within that image to avoid 2 running instances of the same image. The wrapper handles all chroot related actions and gives control to That script is the heart of the tinderbox.

Without any arguments all symlinks in ~/run are processed.

stop an image <image>

A marker file /tmp/STOP is created in that image. The current emerge operation will be finished before removes /tmp/{LOCK,STOP} and exits.

chroot into a stopped image

sudo /opt/tb/bin/ <image>

This bind-mount all desired directories from the host system. Without any argument an interactive login is made afterwards. Otherwise the argument(s) are treated as command(s) to be run within that image before the chroot is left.

chroot into a running image

sudo /opt/tb/bin/ <image>

Simple wrapper of chroot with few checks, no hosts files are mounted. This can be made if an image is already running and therefore can't be used. This script is useful to inspect log files and to run commands like eix, qlop etc.

removal of an image

Stop the image and remove the symlink in ~/run. The image itself will stay in the data dir, eg. in: ~/img2.

status of all images -otlp

report findings

New findings are send via email to the user specified in the variable mailto. Bugs can be filed using - a comand line ready for copy+paste is in the email.

manually bug hunting within an image

  1. stop image if it is running
  2. chroot into it
  3. inspect/adapt files in /etc/portage/packages.
  4. do your work in /usr/local/portage to test new/changed ebuilds (do not edit files in /usr/portage, that rectory is bind-mounted from the host)
  5. exit from chroot

unattended test of package/s

Append package(s) to the package list in the following way:

cat << EOF >> ~/run/[image]/tmp/backlog.1st
INFO net-p2p/bitcoind ok ?

STOP can be used instead INFO to stop the image at that point, the following text will become the subject of an email.


The script feeds repository updates into the file backlog.upd of each image. is used to undo any package specific (mask) changes to portage files before it to schedules an emerge of the package afterwards. is a helper to notify about non-empty log file(s).


Create the user tinderbox:

useradd -m tinderbox

Run in /home/tinderbox:

mkdir ~/img{1,2} ~/logs ~/run ~/tb

Clone the git repository.

Move ./data and ./sdata into ~/tb as user tinderbox. Move ./bin into /opt/tb as user root. The user tinderbox must not be allowed to edit the scripts in /opt/tb/bin. The user tinderbox must have write permissions for files in ~/tb/data. Edit the credentials in ~/sdata and strip away the suffix .sample. Grant sudo rights to the user tinderbox:

tinderbox ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /opt/tb/bin/,/opt/tb/bin/,/opt/tb/bin/

(few) more info