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The goal is to detect build issues of and conflicts between Gentoo Linux packages.

For that a dozen or more Gentoo images are running in parallel using a sandbox (bubblewrap or as non-default the good old chroot).

Each image is setup from a recent stage3 tarball as an arbitrary combination of ~amd64 + profile + USE flag set. Within each image all Gentoo packages are scheduled in a randomized order for emerge.


create a new image

The current stage3 file is downloaded, verified and unpacked. Mandatory portage config files will be compiled and few required packages will be installed. A backlog is filled up with all recent packages in a randomized order. A symlink is made into ~tinderbox/run and the image is started.

start an image <image>

Without any arguments all symlinks in ~tinderbox/run are started.

The wrapper handles all sandbox related actions and starts within that image.

stop an image <image>

A marker file /var/tmp/tb/STOP is created in that image. The current emerge operation will be finished before removes the marker file and exits.

go into a stopped image

sudo /opt/tb/bin/ -m <image>

removal of an image

Stop the image and remove the symlink in ~tinderbox/run. The image itself will stay in its data dir till that is cleaned up.

status of all images -decp
watch -otl

report findings

The file ~tinderbox/tb/data/ALREADY_CAUGHT holds reported findings. A new finding is send via email to the user specified by the variable MAILTO. The Gentoo bugzilla can be searched by for dups/similarities. A finding can be filed using


Create the user tinderbox:

useradd -m tinderbox
usermod -a -G portage tinderbox

Run as root:

mkdir /opt/tb
chmod 750 /opt/tb
chgrp tinderbox /opt/tb

Run as user tinderbox in ~tinderbox :

mkdir distfiles img logs run tb

Clone this Git repository.

Move ./data and ./sdata into ~tinderbox/tb/. Move ./bin under /opt/tb/ as user root. The user tinderbox must not be allowed to edit the scripts in /opt/tb/bin. The user tinderbox must have write permissions for files in ~tinderbox/tb/data. Edit the ssmtp credentials in ~tinderbox/sdata and strip away the suffix .sample, set ownership and grant permissions of this subdirectory and its files to user root only. Grant the user tinderbox these sudo rights:

tinderbox  ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /opt/tb/bin/,/opt/tb/bin/,/opt/tb/bin/

Create crontab entries for user tinderbox:

# crontab of tinderbox

# start web service
@reboot   cd ~/img && nice /opt/fuzz-utils/ --address x.y.z --port 12345 &>/tmp/web-tinderbox.log

# start images
@reboot   rm -f ~tinderbox/run/*/var/tmp/tb/STOP; /opt/tb/bin/

# check logs
@reboot   while :; do sleep 60; /opt/tb/bin/; done

# run 13 images in parallel
@hourly   f=$(mktemp /tmp/XXXXXX); /opt/tb/bin/ -n 13 &>$f; cat $f; rm $f

# house keeping
@daily    sudo /opt/tb/bin/

and this as root:

@reboot   /opt/tb/bin/