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I built this ember.js app to show how you would use a custom mixin for


To run this django application

1. pip install -r requirements.txt
2. python syncdb --noinput
3. python runserver

What is missing from the application is it exists today?

1. the ability to use all the features together
** you can go to page 2, but if you then search or filter down the url changes to show search
** but even though the url doesn't reflect it, the filter/sort/page is being applied to the ArrayController
** in the final verison I'd much prefer to keep each item in the url so I can email a url to someone directly

2. the sort only takes into account the column (not the sort direction just yet)

If you are just stopping by to see the ember.js part of the app here is the javascript

Here is the pagination mixin used in the ArrayController shown in the above ember.js app

And here is the handlebars template to match