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Determine the geographical location of website visitors based on their IP addresses.
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GeoIP for Laravel 5

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Determine the geographical location and currency of website visitors based on their IP addresses.

Official Documentation

Documentation for the package can be found on

Laravel 4

For Laravel 4 Installation see version 0.1.1

Change Log


  • Support double IP addresses #25


  • Fix bug #60


  • Major code refactoring and cleanup
  • Add currency support
  • Add Location object
  • Add cache drivers
  • Add state_name to $location array #46
  • Set locales in config #45
  • Raise PHP requirement to 5.5
  • Fix file structure to adher to PSR-4 file structure. #40
  • Support custom Geo IP services
    • Added service (Thanks to nikkiii)


  • Add database_path to config
  • Add update_url to config
  • Add GeoIP database update command "php artisan geoip:update"
  • Add some test
  • Format code


  • Update to Laravel 5
  • Support IPv6
  • Log address not found exceptions
  • Supports a custom default location


Many people have contributed to project since its inception.

Thanks to:

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