Xamarin Binding Library for LiveSDK for Android
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12/23/2016 LiveSDK.Android has been superceded with the current OneDriveSDK. Please find an Android implementation here: https://github.com/torbenpedersen/onedrive-sdk-dotnet-msa-auth-adapter

11/7/2016 Preparing Update

2/1/2014 Xamarin Binding Library for LiveSDK for Android

This project is an Android Java Bindings Library to expose a native Android jar to Xamarin.

This project contains the livesdk.jar which is the LiveSDK for Android distributed by Microsoft Corporation. https://github.com/liveservices/LiveSDK-for-Android Version 5.5 was compiled and included in this project.

To update to future versions of the LiveSDK, compile latest from github and include in this project under Jars.

LiveSDK.Android.Sample is a sample Xamarin.Android application for illustrating usage. Example;

	private void Login ()
		ArrayList scopes = new ArrayList ();
		scopes.AddAll (new string[] { "wl.signin", "wl.skydrive_update", "wl.offline_access" });

		LiveAuthClient client = new LiveAuthClient(this, CLIENT_ID);
		client.Login (this, scopes, this);