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== Welcome to Tillsammans
Mikael Rulez!!! oc > Mikael.
This is a simple RoR-based system we are developing on about one evening per week. Don't expect any rapid progress ;)
We are mainly doing this to learn and/or teach RoR and Flex.
== Getting Started
We use Vlad the Deployer for simplified deployment. First, tweak your config/deploy.rb to reflect
your own setup, setup a shared/database.yml and possibly a shared/mongrel_cluster.yml
For convenience there are three extra vlad tasks: vlad:deploy, vlad:restart and vlad:db_config.
== Features
Currently: nothing ;)
We are planning to implement:
- A calender abstraction (Firstly for integration with Notes, in the future possibility of any iCal calendar)
- A authentication/SSO abstraction (currently uses our own REST-based authenticator service)
- IPhone interface
- Automatized localization
- Much more standard stuff.
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