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This branch allows Torch 7 to be built on Windows with icc, and adds timer support. To compile:

  • Install intel's compiler (msvc doesn't support c99)
  • Launch cmake-gui
  • Set CMAKE_C_FLAGS and CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS to "/Qopenmp /Qstd=c99"
  • Generate
  • Open Torch.sln
  • Right-click the solution in the solution explorer, click Intel C++ Compiler Pro, click Use Intel C++
  • Build the solution
  • Build the INSTALL target

Some remaining warnings:

warning #63: shift count is too large, libraries\TH\generic/THTensorRandom.c:20
warning #264: floating-point value does not fit in required floating-point type, packages\nn\generic/TemporalLogSoftMax.c:19

pflaquerre added some commits Oct 13, 2011
@pflaquerre pflaquerre Non-MSVC compiler support on Windows
_MSC_VER is only defined when compiling with msc. In order to be able to
compile properly with other compilers, I've changed these checks to
_WIN32 instead, which should be defined in all cases. MSC can't compile
torch right now in any case since it doesn't support C99.
@pflaquerre pflaquerre Use _{pclose,popen,snprintf} on Windows. d156c41
@pflaquerre pflaquerre Make lab compile on windows with icc.
icc was picking up generic/lab.c even though CMakeLists.txt pointed to
the contrary. Renaming to lab.h (which makes more sense anyhow)
fixed it. I also moved the externs out into a proper header file.
@pflaquerre pflaquerre Add missing dllexport for Windows. 4afd883
@pflaquerre pflaquerre Add Windows support for timers. e784882

I started trying to build Torch7 with MSVC 2008 on Windows 7 after reading that "Torch7 is mainly made out of ANSI C and Lua, which makes it easy to compile everywhere" and before reading, a little lower in the manual, that Windows is not currently supported. I thought I'd just record here that a few times in the build steps starting with "C_HAS_SSE" (e.g., C_HAS_SSE1_1, etc.), MSVC complained that the source code it was compiling had an error, that a variable b was being used before it was initialized. I was able to "Ignore" these errors and the build process continued.

Then the build process quit because READLINE_INCLUDE_DIR is not defined (although the README specifies this as an optional requirement). I will try installing readline via GnuWin32 and update, but just wanted to post my results from tonight.


@fasiha, have you managed eventually to build Torch7 under Windows?
If so, do you have any note to share with other people? We would really appreciate it.

@soumith soumith closed this Feb 9, 2015

Just a note for future reference.
There Torch binaries available for Windows and there is no plan to keep updating them. Further information can be found on the Torch's Google Group.

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