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bamos commented Mar 13, 2016

Hi, this PR adds potrs with MAGMA.

I followed the structure of the existing potrf code and copied the
potrs argument checks from THTensorLapack.
The test compares the output to Torch's CPU version and is passing on my system.

This is my first time modifying cutorch and any Torch internals.
Can somebody check that I used THCudaTensor_newColumnMajor and free correctly?
I used rb_ as the source for b_ because magma_spotrs_gpu returns results in b_data.
I'm not sure if I should use th_magma_smalloc_pinned or THCudaTensor_newColumnMajor for a_data.


@colesbury colesbury commented on an outdated diff Mar 21, 2016
+ int n = a->size[0];
+ int nrhs = b->size[1];
+ THCudaTensor *b_ = THCudaTensor_newColumnMajor(state, rb_, b);
+ float *b_data = THCudaTensor_data(state, b_);
+ THCudaTensor *a_ = THCudaTensor_newColumnMajor(state, a, a);
+ float *a_data = THCudaTensor_data(state, a_);
+ int info;
+ magma_spotrs_gpu(MagmaUpper, n, nrhs, a_data, n, b_data, n, &info);
+ // check error value
+ if (info < 0)
+ THError("MAGMA potrs : Argument %d : illegal value", -info);
+ THCudaTensor_free(state, b_);
colesbury Mar 21, 2016 Contributor

This should be:

THCudaTensor_freeCopyTo(state, b_, rb_);

(If the destination tensor is provided and not column-major, then the result needs to be copied into it)


See in-line comment, but otherwise LGTM. Thanks for adding this!

bamos commented Mar 22, 2016

Hi @colesbury - thanks! I've fixed freeing b_ and have squashed my commits.


@soumith soumith merged commit 40d3f52 into torch:master Mar 22, 2016
soumith commented Mar 22, 2016

Thanks Brandon!

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