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Plotting Package Manual with Gnuplot

A plotting package to visualize Tensor objects. Functions fall into several types of categories:

The plotting package currently uses gnuplot as a backend to display data. In particular, Gnuplot version 4.4 or above is suggested for full support of all functionality.

By default, the plot package will search for terminal in following order:

  • windows terminal if operating system is windows
  • wxt, qt, x11 terminal if operating system is linux
  • aqua, wxt, qt, x11 terminal if operating system is mac

It is also possible to manually set any terminal type using gnuplot.setterm. Interactivity is dependent on the terminal being used. By default, x11 and ''wxt support'' different interactive operations like, zooming, panning, rotating...

The Gnuplot port uses pipes to communicate with gnuplot, therefore each plotting session is persistent and additional commands can be sent. For advanced users gnuplot.raw provides a free form interface to gnuplot.