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A Vagrant box based on Ubuntu trusty32, configured for Django development according to Torchbox's adopted practices. Things preinstalled beyond the base trusty32 box include:

  • postgresql 9.3 (with locale fixed to create databases as UTF-8)
  • virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper
  • dependencies for Pillow, a drop-in replacement for the Python Imaging Library PIL
  • a pip download cache pre-seeded with Django and various other common packages
  • git (sometimes required for pip dependencies that aren't in PyPI)
  • Node.js, CoffeeScript and LESS

We use this box in conjunction with as the initial template for our Django projects. vagrant-django-template will successfully build from a vanilla trusty32 base box, but using vagrant-django-base instead will skip some of the time-consuming initial setup.

Build instructions

To generate the .box file:


To install locally:

vagrant box add django-base-v2.2