Vagrant box providing a thumbor service over HTTP
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A Vagrant box based on Ubuntu precise32, running thumbor built from the officially supported aptitude PPA.

By default the box is configured to run four instances of thumbor, load balanced by nginx and a redis storage backend.


The defaults for configuring the service should be fine in general and you can just build, but you can customise the installation.

To customise the default configuration the etc directory contains:

  • thumbor.conf.custom for settings you're most likely to want to modify.
  • thumbor.port to specify the port that the box will forward the service over (default 8888).
  • thumbor.instances to specify the number of instances nginx will load balance (default 4).
  • thumbor.key to specify the security key (up to 16 characters) used for signed URLs (default empty to generate a random key)

The etc directory also contains thumbor.conf.default (the other conf settings for thumbor), thumbor.default and thumbor.nginx. These can be edited but in general should be left alone.

Build instructions

To generate the .box file:


To install locally:

vagrant box add vagrant-thumbor-base