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Wagtail Content Import

Wagtail Content Import is a module for importing page content into Wagtail from third-party sources. Page content is imported into a StreamField, using a set of customisable mappings. Currently supports:

As sources:

  • Google Docs
  • OneDrive/SharePoint

As files:

  • Google Docs documents with:
    • Rich text
    • Tables
    • Images
    • Headings
  • Docx files with:
    • Text with bold and italics
    • Headings


  • Django 2.2
  • Wagtail 2.11

For the full documentation, see:

Note for Google Import

If using Google Docs import, for users to authenticate with Google they must either allow third party cookies or add to their allowed domains (Settings/Privacy and Security/Cookies and other site data in Chrome or Preferences/Privacy & Security in Firefox).