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Wagtail Footnotes

Add footnotes functionality to your Wagtail project.


  • Add the app to INSTALLED_APPS:
  • Add the footnotes to your project's
    from wagtail_footnotes import urls as footnotes_urls
    urlpatterns = [
        path("footnotes/", include(footnotes_urls)),
    Note: The URL has to be defined as above as it is currently hardcoded in the Javascript.
  • Update your page models to show the footnotes field:
    class InformationPage(BasePage):
         content_panels = [
             InlinePanel("footnotes", label="Footnotes"),
  • Update your RichTextBlocks
    • Add "footnotes" to the features arg for each RichTextBlock that you want to have this functionality
    • You will also need to change any RichTextBlocks to wagtail_footnotes.blocks.RichTextBlockWithFootnotes
  • Update your page templates to include {% include "wagtail_footnotes/includes/footnotes.html" %}
  • Make and run migrations:
    ./ makemigrations
    ./ migrate


    • Default: ["bold", "italic", "link"]
    • Use this to update a list of Rich Text features allowed in the footnote text.

Common issues

  • I click on the Fn button in the editor and it stops working
    • This is likely because the URL in the JS does not match the URL of the footnotes view. Check the URL in wagtail_footnotes/static/footnotes/js/footnotes.js matches the URL you set.
  • NoneType error when rendering page.
    • Make sure you are rendering the field in the template using {% include_block page.field_name %}