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Add margins and rounded corners to your taskbars!


How do I get it?

The easiest way to download RoundedTB is from the Microsoft Store. You can also download the latest release from the Releases tab, unzip it and run RoundedTB.exe. Lastly, if you're a madman, just compile it yourself.

To use

Simply open the application, enter a margin and corner radius (try 2 and 6 to get started with a subtle effect!) then click Apply. To remove the effect, close the application.

  • Works with multiple monitors, resolutions and scale factors
  • Minimal impact on performance
  • Doesn't alter or modify system files
  • Doesn't require admin permissions
  • Experimental support for auto-hiding taskbars
  • Mostly compatible with most other taskbar mods, including TranslucentTB

Known issues

  • Auto-hiding taskbars that face another monitor may slide onto that monitor
  • Rounded corners are not antialiased due to a Windows limitation
  • When using some taskbar mods, changes may not be visible until the start button is clicked
  • Adding new monitors whilst RTB is running may make Explorer unhappy

This is not finished!!

If anything breaks, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager, end RoundedTB and then restart Explorer. Feel free to let me know by filing an issue and I can look into it.

If you want to discuss RoundedTB, get some insider sneak-peeks or just see what I'm up to, then feel free to join the Discord server.