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* (rev 213) dual licensing under MIT & GPL. Removal of GPL notices in programming code.
attached MIT license, and changed readme
* removal of TimeSymbols in production code - now $time_symbols in specs
* removal of warnings in specs (lots of parenthesis) + checking for redefinition of constants
* autotest + rspec (running on trunk)
* removal of ExecutionContextHelper, complete rewrite of
ExecutionContext::Main + ExecutionContext::Around
* refactoring in ExecutionContextHelper
* time_extensions heavily refactored
* plural_adverbial methods added to TimeExtension DSL
* to_plural_adverb methods on TimeSymbol
* to_* methods as aliases on TimeSymbol
* yesterday, yesterdays, today, todays added to TimeExtension DSL
= Rel 0.2.1
* Rakfile's redundancies removed and generally cleaned up
* Regression test finally fixed String#to_time bug
* Error raising on String#to_time
* Testing added for bin/dbackup
* Errors now subclass from StandardError (not RuntimeError)
* Time#each_day_in_month added
= Rel 0.2
* many misc. bug fixes
* documentation added in README file
* Backup Deletion now seems to work (almost too well)
* warnings turned off for DSL
* removed dependency on GNU cp, so now we can DatedBackup on Mac OS X
* outputting of deleted directories
* fixed small bugs
* ExecutionContext class added, so now the separate parts of the DSL
can execute in separate contexts. The Execution Contexts
will execute the DSL in an anonymous class + instance, so methods
used to run the DSL do not need be included. The DSL's themselves
have become modules, mixed in to the anonymous classes.
Work still needs to be done on calling these, both from the initial
call in /bin, and later on in the DatedBackup class.
* Any number of scripts can now be passed to the dbackup command line
utility. So specify the scripts one after another:
dbackup script1 script2 script3
* Added basic DSL configuration, so no more rake for config files
Documentation via Rake, Rcov, and the spec reports are now
available in doc/
specs have been added, and code coverage is now at 100%
* YAML support. Now all configuration files are written in yaml, and
should be loaded by running dbackup config_file.yaml
* Command line runner, dbackup added to bin. Scripts can now be called
with the dbackup script_name. Scripts no longer have to include
the requirement of the gem, be executable, or end in .rb syntax.
= 0.1
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