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A Leaflet-plugin that provides a zoom control with a "Home" button to reset the view.



Supported Leaflet versions are 0.7.x and later.

This plugin requires Font-Awesome:

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

Copy Leaflet.zoomhome.min.js and Leaflet.zoomhome.css from the dist folder to your project folder and include them in your HTML (you need to include Leaflet before including the plugin):

<link rel="stylesheet" href="leaflet.zoomhome.css"/>
<script src="leaflet.zoomhome.min.js"></script>

Alternatively, you can install the plugin via Bower:

bower install leaflet.zoomhome --save

When you create your map, pass {zoomControl: false} to disable the standard zoom control:

var map ='map', {zoomControl: false});

Then create the zoomhome-control and add it to the map:

var zoomHome = L.Control.zoomHome();


You can pass additional options when you create the control:

var zoomHome = L.Control.zoomHome({position: 'topright'});

In addition to the options supported by the standard zoom control, the zoomhome-control supports the following options:

zoomHomeIcon: Font-Awesome icon name for the home button (default: 'home').

zoomHomeTitle: Tooltip-text of the home button (default: 'Home').

homeCoordinates: Coordinates on which the map is centered when the home button is pressed (default: the location which the map displayed when the control was added to the map).

homeZoom: The zoom level to which the map zooms when the home button is pressed (default: the zoom level that was active when the control was added to the map).

Changing the Home View

You can change the home view after the control has been created using the following functions.

zoomHome.setHomeCoordinates(coordinates): If coordinates are given then they define the new home coordinates. If no coordinates are given then the current map center becomes the new home location. The home zoom level is not changed.

zoomHome.setHomeZoom(zoom): If zoom is given then it defines the new home zoom. If no zoom is given then the current map zoom becomes the new home zoom. The home coordinates are not changed.

zoomHome.setHomeBounds(bounds): If bounds are given then they define the new home view (both zoom and center). If they are not given, the current map bounds become the new home.

Inspecting the Home View

You can get the home coordinates and zoom using the zoomHome.getHomeCoordinates() and zoomHome.getHomeZoom() functions, respectively.

Change Log

See the file


Based on code by toms and licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.


Install all requirements using npm install.

The tests can be run via grunt test (test against the currently installed Leaflet version) or via grunt test-all (test against all supported Leaflet versions).

Linting can be done via grunt jshint, and grunt uglify updates the minified JS file.

grunt on its own is equivalent to running the jshint, test-all and uglify tasks.


A Leaflet zoom control with a home button for resetting the view.







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