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a dropbox wrapper for git


$ curl -skL > /usr/local/bin/git-dropbox
$ chmod +x /usr/local/bin/git-dropbox


First you have to set your Dropbox Git repository path -

$ git config --global dropbox.path <path>

For example I have my dropbox installed in ~/Dropbox. So, I've created a folder called Git in there and then run the following command in my terminal -

$ git config --global dropbox.path ~/Dropbox/Git

Now, to enable dropbox support for any git repository, do the following -

$ git dropbox init

Now, to push your changes to dropbox -

$ git dropbox push

If you run git dropbox for at least once. Then, It'll create an alias db for you. So, you can do git db <command> instead of git dropbox <command> after the first run.

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