Compilation of existing OpenRTM tutorial contents, with some extra features that allow you to run all tutorials via InternetExplorer. Project funded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
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OpenRTM Tutorial

1   Project Introduction

A set of OpenRTM tutorials for Windows users. Contents here are particularly intended to be packaged in a USB thumbdrive (so that users can run the tutorials from the thumbdrive on their machines with minimal installation beforehand).

2   System Environment Requirement

  • Internet access
  • Windows 7 / 8 * For WEB Browser, Internet Explorer is intended. For other browser some useful features (that are based on ActiveX) are not enabled.
  • A microphone

3   To Start Tutorial

Open %TUTORIAL_HOME%/index.htm (Tutorial documents are placed in %TUTORIAL_HOME%/doc).

4   Online Update

If you own a packaged USB that contains the contents here, you can update your USB drive easily by a normal "git-way" (almost all the tutorial material included herein is hosted and maintained online on a github repository [1]). To do so:

  • Double-click %TUTORIAL_HOME%/SELFUPDATE.bat; this runs git pull command and synchronizes data in the drive with the repository.
  • It's possible that conflict occurs if you've added change to your USB drive. In this case, conflict may occur and currently no pre/post caution measure is implemented. Please take care of it in "git-way" by yourself.

5   If You Find Issues

Please report at the issue tracker [2].

6   For Tutorial Maintainers

6.1   Maintainer Prerequisite

Ubuntu or other platform where the following software is available is assumed:

  • git
  • sphinx-intl (via pip install sphinx-intl)

6.2   git repository branch

To keep the released version and development version, let's use following two branches:

  • devel: Default. All developers and maintainers use this branch for the work.
  • master: Released version. SELFUPDATE.bat only accesses this branch.

Discussion about this is found at [5].

6.3   To Create USB

You can freely create a USB thumbdrive using data maintained on the github repository [1].

On a computer where git is available, do:

$ git clone

That's it.

NOTE: The folder structure in USB is assumed to maintain openrtm_tutorial at the top folder like this:

F:\openrtm_tutorial          (e.g. If the USB is recognized as F drive)

6.4   Notice for updating tutorial html files

Please do NOT modify .html (that you find under doc/_build, doc/locale) files directly. Instead, add changes to doc/*.rst files.

Those .rst files are currently written in Japanese only, but English is available too for the generated .html. Please follow the instruction below for how to update the English document.

6.5   To update tutorial html

Both ja and en .html files are generated from .rst files by using sphinx-intl [3]. Several steps need to be run to generate .html files for both per language. Every time a change is to be applied to the source .rst, a maintainer run these steps.

Note: These processes may be insufficient in some situation. Your feedback is appreciated at [2].

  1. It's strongly recommended that you create a git branch, as always when you work on git.

  2. Add change to .rst

  3. Run these commands.:

    $ cd %OPENRTM_TUTORIAL%/doc            (where exists)
    $ make gettext
    $ sphinx-intl update -p _build/locale -l en -l ja
  4. Run also these.:

    $ cd %OPENRTM_TUTORIAL%/doc            (in case you're away)
    $ sphinx-intl build
    $ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='ja'" html   (not ideal, but "make"-ing `en` directly just skips for some reasons)
    $ cp -R _build/html/* locale/ja   (Copy translation .html files to manually created folder `locale`)
    $ make -e SPHINXOPTS="-D language='en'" html
    $ cp -R _build/html/* locale/en   (Copy translation .html files to manually created folder `locale`)

6.6   To update translation

To update ONLY English translation, modify the corresponding %OPENRTM_TUTORIAL%/doc/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/.po files (intermediate files that sphinx-intl uses to allow translation). Then run 3 in previous section.

7   Funding, Special Thanks

Project funded by New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Special thanks to Dr. Hara (AIST), Dr. Yuki Suga (Sugar Sweet Robotics).