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Blade for WordPress

This package is no longer being maintained. If you'd like to get started using Blade in your WordPress development, I highly recommend you check out Sage.

WP Blade brings the beloved Blade template engine to your WordPress-theme.

Blade is a much simpler template language than vanilla PHP, and compiles down to readable PHP.

The plugin is intended for WordPress theme-developers that want to write a different flavor of template languages.

Read more about Blade in the Laravel documentation.

For documentation and tips on how to get started using Blade in WordPress, please check the docs.

For the Blade 5.4 version of WP Blade. Check out the 5.4-dev branch


For the 2.0 release the vendor for Blade has been changed, making WP Blade have less dependencies, and require a lower PHP version (5.4).

Notice before upgrading from WP Blade

WP Blade 2 contains breaking changes (a new initalization method). Please read the docs before upgrading.