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This directory contains virtual machine setup scripts for testing Tornado.
Vagrant ( and VirtualBox (
Vagrant provides an easy download for Ubuntu 10.04 (aka lucid64); base
images for other platforms are harder to find and can be built with
VeeWee (
cd to the appropriate directory and run `vagrant up`, then `vagrant ssh`.
From there, simply run `tox` to run the full test suite, or cd to /tornado
and test manually. Afterwards, use `vagrant suspend` or `vagrant destroy`
to clean up.
Python distutils (and therefore tox) assume that if the platform
supports hard links, they can be used in the Tornado source directory.
VirtualBox's shared folder filesystem does not support hard links (or
symlinks), so we have to use NFS shared folders instead. (which has
the unfortunate side effect of requiring sudo on the host machine)
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