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* Fixed a bug in which stack contexts could leak from one callback
chain to another.
+* `tornado.autoreload` is now more reliable when there are errors at import
+ time.
+* New optional dependency on `concurrent.futures` to provide better support
+ for working with threads. `concurrent.futures` is in the standard library
+ for Python 3.2+, and can be installed on older versions with
+ ``pip install futures``.
+* New module `tornado.concurrent` contains code to support working with
+ `concurrent.futures`, or to emulate future-based interface when that module
+ is not available.
+* New method `IOLoop.add_future` to run a callback on the IOLoop when
+ an asynchronous ``Future`` finishes.
+* New class `tornado.netutil.Resolver` provides an asynchronous
+ interface to `socket.getaddrinfo`. The interface is based on (but
+ does not require) `concurrent.futures`. When used with
+ `concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor`, it allows for DNS
+ resolution without blocking the main thread.
+* `SimpleAsyncHTTPClient` now takes a ``resolver`` keyword argument (which
+ may be passed to either the constructor or ``configure``), to allow it to
+ use the new non-blocking `tornado.netutil.Resolver`.
+* Functions using `gen.engine` may now yield ``Future`` objects.
+* New function `IOLoop.current` returns the ``IOLoop`` that is running
+ on the current thread (as opposed to `IOLoop.instance`, which returns a
+ specific thread's (usually the main thread's) IOLoop).

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