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+What's new in the next version of Tornado
+In progress
+* `tornado.util.import_object` now works with top-level module names that
+ do not contain a dot.
+* `tornado.util.import_object` now consistently raises `ImportError`
+ instead of `AttributeError` when it fails.
+* The ``handlers`` list passed to the `tornado.web.Application` constructor
+ and `~tornado.web.Application.add_handlers` methods can now contain
+ lists in addition to tuples and `~tornado.web.URLSpec` objects.
+* `tornado.httpclient.HTTPRequest` takes a new argument ``auth_mode``,
+ which can be either ``basic`` or ``digest``. Digest authentication
+ is only supported with ``tornado.curl_httpclient``.
+* `tornado.stack_context` has been rewritten and is now much faster.
+* ``tornado.curl_httpclient`` no longer goes into an infinite loop when
+ pycurl returns a negative timeout.
+* `tornado.testing.AsyncTestCase.wait` now raises the correct exception
+ when it has been modified by `tornado.stack_context`.
+* `tornado.web.StaticFileHandler` now works on Windows when the client
+ passes an ``If-Modified-Since`` timestamp before 1970.
+* `tornado.httpserver.HTTPServer` handles malformed HTTP headers more
+ gracefully.
+* `tornado.auth.OAuthMixin` always sends ``oauth_version=1.0`` in its
+ request as required by the spec.
+* Some reference cycles have been broken up (in `tornado.web.RequestHandler`
+ and `tornado.websocket.WebSocketHandler`), allowing for more efficient
+ garbage collection on CPython.
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