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+What's new in the next release of Tornado
+In progress
+* New class `tornado.testing.AsyncHTTPSTestCase` is like `AsyncHTTPTestCase`.
+ but enables SSL for the testing server (by default using a self-signed
+ testing certificate).
+* Fixed Python 3 bugs in `tornado.auth`, `tornado.locale`, and `tornado.wsgi`.
+* `tornado.locale` module now works on Python 3.
+* `RequestHandler.add_header` now works with `WSGIApplication`.
+* Fixed some Python 3 bugs in `tornado.wsgi` module.
+* ``{% break %}`` and ``{% continue %}`` can now be used in templates.
+* The logging configuration used in `tornado.options` is now more tolerant
+ of non-ascii byte strings.
+* Improved error handling in `SSLIOStream` and SSL-enabled `TCPServer`.
+* On Windows, `TCPServer` uses `SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSER` instead of `SO_REUSEADDR`.
+* `IOLoop.add_handler` cannot be called more than once with the same file
+ descriptor. This was always true for ``epoll``, but now the other
+ implementations enforce it too.
+* `tornado.testing.main` now accepts additional keyword arguments and forwards
+ them to `unittest.main`.
+* `RequestHandler.get_secure_cookie` now handles a potential error case.
+* Fixed a bug introduced in 2.3 that would cause `IOStream` close callbacks
+ to not run if there were pending reads.
+* `RequestHandler.__init__` now calls ``super().__init__`` to ensure that
+ all constructors are called when multiple inheritance is used.
+* `OAuthMixin` now accepts ``"oob"`` as a ``callback_uri``.
+* `tornado.platform.twisted` shutdown sequence is now more compatible.
+* Removed ``max_simultaneous_connections`` argument from `tornado.httpclient`
+ (both implementations). This argument hasn't been useful for some time
+ (if you were using it you probably want ``max_clients`` instead)
+* `tornado.simple_httpclient` now accepts and ignores HTTP 1xx status
+ responses.
+* `SSLIOStream.get_ssl_certificate` now has a ``binary_form`` argument
+ which is passed to ``SSLSocket.getpeercert``.
+* `SSLIOStream.write` can now be called while the connection is in progress,
+ same as non-SSL `IOStream`.
+* tornado.util.GzipDecompressor, tornado.httputil.parse_body_arguments (TODO
+ are these public?)

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