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Make StaticFileHandler.parse_url_path an instance method, and make

it responsible for os.path.sep conversion.

Assorted doc updates for StaticFileHandler.
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1 parent 983fdbb commit 98b088638ecbe0ca69b5ffdc2476dba5a071af44 @bdarnell bdarnell committed Jan 22, 2012
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@@ -898,13 +898,11 @@ def static_url(self, path, include_host=None):
returned content. The signature is based on the content of the
- If this handler has a "include_host" attribute, we include the
- full host for every static URL, including the "http://". Set
- this attribute for handlers whose output needs non-relative static
- path names. However, in case the "include_host" argument to this
- method is given a value other than None it will override the
- attribute value when determening whether to generate a relative
- or absolute URL.
+ By default this method returns URLs relative to the current
+ host, but if ``include_host`` is true the URL returned will be
+ absolute. If this handler has an ``include_host`` attribute,
+ that value will be used as the default for all `static_url`
+ calls that do not pass ``include_host`` as a keyword argument.
self.require_setting("static_path", "static_url")
static_handler_class = self.settings.get(
@@ -1475,8 +1473,6 @@ def head(self, path):
self.get(path, include_body=False)
def get(self, path, include_body=True):
- if os.path.sep != "/":
- path = path.replace("/", os.path.sep)
path = self.parse_url_path(path)
abspath = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(self.root, path))
# os.path.abspath strips a trailing /
@@ -1571,11 +1567,16 @@ def make_static_url(cls, settings, path):
def get_version(cls, settings, path):
- """Generate the version string to be appended as a query string
- to the static URL - allowing aggressive caching.
+ """Generate the version string to be used in static URLs.
+ This method may be overridden in subclasses (but note that it
+ is a class method rather than a static method). The default
+ implementation uses a hash of the file's contents.
- ``settings`` is the `Application.settings` dictionary and ```path``
+ ``settings`` is the `Application.settings` dictionary and ``path``
is the relative location of the requested asset on the filesystem.
+ The returned value should be a string, or ``None`` if no version
+ could be determined.
abs_path = os.path.join(settings["static_path"], path)
with cls._lock:
@@ -1593,8 +1594,15 @@ def get_version(cls, settings, path):
return hsh[:5]
return None
- @classmethod
- def parse_url_path(cls, url_path):
+ def parse_url_path(self, url_path):
+ """Converts a static URL path into a filesystem path.
+ ``url_path`` is the path component of the URL with
+ ``static_url_prefix`` removed. The return value should be
+ filesystem path relative to ``static_path``.
+ """
+ if os.path.sep != "/":
+ url_path = url_path.replace("/", os.path.sep)
return url_path

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